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Home Workout-19-06-2012 | Домашна тренировка-19-06-2012

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Домашна тренировка на Кристиян Стаменов

Hello guys ! In this article I’ll share you how my yesterday’s workout went.

After lunch I’ve done a full body workout and in the afternoon I’ve done some cardio.

Full body workout at home

Your set is :

20 reps of biceps curls

20 push ups

20 bodyweight squats

20 triceps extensions behind neck

All of these exercises and reps without rest between them !

You have to do 6 sets with 1-2 minutes rest between them.

For the biceps curls and the triceps extensions you can use whatever you have near you – gallons of water, barbell, dumbels and so on.

Afternoon cardio

Your set is :

100metres of sprinting at your max ! Followed by 100metres of walking.

Repeat this set 12 times and your cardio workout is done !

That was my workout @ 19 of June 2012. Feel free to post a comment in the comment box below.

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