Sunday 1 October 2023
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ABS Program | Програма за плочки

In this article I will reveal to you another great 4 minute ab workout wich will help you get the beast abs you have always wanted ! Summer’s right around the corner so who woudn’t want a great set of 6pack abs to show off at the beach? 😀

In this article you will learn how to achieve them!

Important notice

Before I get right into the program I want to point out a few things wich i think are really important.

-To get 6 pack abs you need to lower your bodyfat levels to a really small percentage. Even if you do 10,000 crunches a day this wont change a thing, but only make them stronger and bigger below your slab of fat. So much more important than the workout itself is your nutrition and your cardio. Soon I will do more articles about the different types of cardio but easily said you can just run 3-5 times a week for 20-30 minutes.


Now, since we figured out how to get them we can move on to the workout itself.


Begin with 1-2 minutes of stretching the lowerback by doing deadlifts or hiperextenstions and probably waist tilts. NEVER miss your warmup with any bodypart, because your abs can get injured as easy as any other muscle.

Now since we have warmed up, start up your timer and lets begin!



Exercise 1 : normal crunches

Do the following exercise slowly for a minute straight. Remember its not a hip pivot and its not a neck pivot. the only thing that is going up and down is your straight torso towards the ceiling. try to feel the burn and flex the muscles really hard on the positive part of the movement. Ewps, a minute has passed by! Lets move to the other exercise!





Exercise 2 : bycicles

This movement represents a similiar movement as when you are riding a bycicle. Lie on the ground on your back , and move your right elbow to your left knee, than left elbow to your right knee. Do that slowly and try to feel your obliques burn. Another minute has passed by! Time for exercise number 3





Exercise 3 : Lying leg raises

Lie on the ground with straight legs and raise them up towards the ceiling. Simple as that. another minute has passed by!







Exercise 4 : Planks

Do it exactly as shown on the picture. Its an isometric exercise and it really burns! try to hold it as much as you can.

This great exercise routine is apropriate for beginners as much as for intermidiates or advanced bodybuilders.
I suggest you do this workout on the days that you are doing your cardio, right after it !

Feel free to put a comment below this article, share your opinion !

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