Wednesday 21 August 2019
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Street Fitness Program III

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Hello guys !

I decided to share you one of my street fitness workout programs.

I decided to call it ’50’. Simple as that. 50 Stands for 50 reps, so let me explain the workout plan.

You have to do 50 reps of each exercise as fast as you can ( of course without cheating, swining and so on ! Use perfect form !!!) In each set you do as many reps as you can and then you can rest 60-90seconds just to prepare the muscles for the next set.

Warm Up

Warming up is extremely important ! Make sure your muscles are fully warmed up before you go to your workout. Make a few sets of knee pushups followed by some stretching. After you feel ready you can go ahead to the workout !

The Workout

Wide-grip pull ups

Start with Wide-grip pull ups. Do as many as you can in each set and try to make 50 of them as fast as you can.


Again, as many as you can in each set, till you reach a total of 50 dips.

Chin ups

Same thing. Try to make 50 chin ups in a few sets. Do as many of them as you can in each set.

Push ups

The same thing. Try to make 50 push ups as fast as you can with a good and a controlled form.

Hanging leg raises

Grab the pull up bar and start lifting your legs till they make an angle of 90 degree with your body. Do 50 reps of those and you’re ready !

That was my workout plan, hope you like it !



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