Tuesday 23 July 2019
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Street fitness II

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“The Challenge” is a street fitness program designed both for beginners and advanced builders!


In this article we are going to talk again about street fitness and a challenge you can set to your friends and to yourselves! The purpose of this program is increasing the number of reps in a single exercise. I recommend you to work it out once per month (It doesn’t mean you’re going to have a break the rest of the days! You’re going to work out, although not adhering to this program).
So, after this killer introduction let’s pass on the program itself.

The program

You choose two similar exercises.

– In this case you’ll make wide grip pull ups and biceps pull ups and you work them exactly one hour! It doesn’t matter how many sets which or what type of breaks you’ll have. What’s important is to make as many reps as possible in 60 minutes. You can switch these two exercises or do the way I decided – making 100 reps from one and 100 from the other and so.
Well, how many pull ups will you be able to do? I personally managed to do 273 for 60 min (July 2nd 2011), now it’s your turn!
Share your achievements by a comment at the bottom of the page !

– In addition, on September 6th 2011 I made 350 – progress is a fact!

I’m expecting your comments in the comment box below !

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